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Public Health Programs

Nepal has made significant progress in improving the maternal health status. Safe motherhood programs and newborn health programs have also created a positive impact in communities across Nepal. However, the challenges of reducing malnutrition, overcoming reproductive health issues, spreading awareness related to hygiene and sanitation and addressing social determinates still remain crucial in Nepal.

MSM hospital  started the PHP that focuses on prevention, promotion, and protection of health issues with the aim to spread health awareness, strengthen the health system and increase access to health care opportunities in rural areas. Today, PHP focuses on various health awareness campaigns, health education programs, and capacity building programs and are performed for the physical, mental and social well-being of families and communities. It also collaborates with local and international development organisations to further educate and inform people on the preventive measures and precautions needed to lead a healthy life.

Maternal Child Health Promotion (MCHP) is one of its major components and empowers women with reproductive health education. PHP conducts regular camps and monthly classes to evaluate the effectiveness of its program. Additionally, programs related to sanitation, hygiene, and reproductive health is conducted in various communities. Community schools, teachers, community and local leaders and community overall like to actively participate in the PHP activities.