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LSCS operation (emergency and routine) conducted

A lower (uterine) segment Caesarean section (LSCS) is the most commonly used type of Caesarean section. It includes a transverse cut 1-2 centimetres above the attachment of the urinary bladder to the uterus, called the Pfannenstiel incision in the lower segment. This type of incision results in less blood loss and is easier to repair than other types of Caesarean sections. We have skilled doctors for this operation.

Minor operation

The Minor Surgery staff provides comprehensive pre- and post-operative care, including a thorough pre-op phone interview and continuous monitoring by a experienced nurse throughout the procedure. Post-operative care is reviewed with each patient upon discharge, completing the cycle of fine medical service from the MSM hospital Minor Surgery team.
Procedures can be completed with little time investment, while being performed in a sterile, technologically advanced environment, allowing patients to be on their way, quickly and safely.

Caesarean Section (CS)

Caesarean section, also known as C-section or caesarean delivery, is the surgical procedure by which one or more babies are delivered through an incision in the mother’s abdomen, often performed because vaginal delivery would put the baby or mother at risk.


Ectopic Pregnancy

Minor OT