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मातृशिशु मितेरी अस्पताल

पोखरा, नेपाल

मेडिकल सुपरिटेन्डेन्टको सन्देश

I feel delighted to share among the hospital concerned people and authorities about our hospital own website. Realizing the utmost need of modern media and communication, this website is generated by our hospital itself and we will be more than happy to share all the services provided and new updates in this website for the ease of our patients and our well-wishers.
JICA public private partnership project conducted patient’s satisfactory survey in this hospital.The result showed that 86% patients are satisfied from the hospital service in overall. I wouldlike to thank civil society, hospital stakeholders, hospital management committee, electedauthorities of ward number 16, women group, FCHVs whose immense support , coordinationand motivation has brought up this hospital to this point. I would also like to acknowledge thededication, devotion and relentless commitment of all the hospital doctors, nurses, paramedicsstaffs and all the support level staffs.

The new SNCU ward has been providing services to the new born. 5 bedded ICU with ventilator is under establishment. Fully automatic oxygen plant with oxygen supply to all the wards and ICU has also been established. With the continuous support from Ministry of Social Development and Health Directorate, Gandaki Province, we hope to extend and strengthen our services to fulfill the needs and demands of patients to our best.

Dr Dharma Dev Dhakal

Medical Superintendent